Some people have more confidence than they have ability and some people have more ability than confidence. The physician should have a balance between the two.

J. Willis Hurst, M.D.


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Electronic International Classification of Disease (Yaki Technologies)
ICD-9-CM as ZIP file (from CMS site)
Computer Based Training Medicare Diagnosis Coding (ICD-9-CM)
ICD-9 Tabular List
Index of ICD-9 Codes for Family Practice
National Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment Amount File
Unique Physician Identifier Number (UPIN) Lookup (from Ecare)
National Provider Identifier
Medicare Learning Network
Hospital Inpatient DRG Benchmark Fees Search
Medicare Online Training Home
Physician Outpatient CPT-4 Procedure Search
Multilingual Glossary of medical terms
Coding Resources for ophthalmologists
A+ Medical Management & Education


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